Cameron with a big Tampa Bay snook

George from Montana with a nice snook

George releasing a south shore snook

Capt Spencer with a nice snook caught in St. Petersburg

Michael Garvey all the way from Australia with his first ever snook

Trent with a pair of spring time snook in Tampa Bay

Twin Tampa Bay snook posing side by side

Capt Spencer holding a big Tampa Bay snook for a close up

Another Tamp Bay snook – notice the face mask, keeps the sun off!

Capt Spencer with a nice topwater snook caught near St. Petersburg

Capt Spencer with another chunky St. Petersburg snook

Michael shows why fishing at night can be so productive with this snook

Lizzy with a gator trout caught inside Tampa Bay

Lizzy with another Tampa Bay gator

Cameron and a 24″ gator trout he caught in Sarasota Bay

Capt Spencer holds up a redfish and trout caught on consecutive casts in Boca Ciega Bay. You know it’s a big trout when it’s as long as a redfish!

Capt Spencer with a monster trout caught inside Tampa Bay on his go to Slayer Inc swim tail soft plastic

Brad from GAFF magazine with a nice Fort Desoto trout

Cyrus shows off a gator Fort Desoto trout

Nik with a nice Upper Tampa Bay winter time trout

Capt Spencer shows off a huge Tampa Bay gator trout

Reggie with a nice Fort Desoto redfish on a soft plastic Slayer Inc lure

Selena and Jay with a nice Fort Desoto redfish

Tony with a nice Fort Desoto redfish

Ryan got to take advantage of the full moon and got this nice redfish out of a school of hundreds of fish

Capt Spencer with a hefty Sarasota Bay redfish

Capt Spencer and an over slot, full moon redfish

Father and son pose with a pair of big redfish caught on the first two casts of the day out of a big school of fish tailing! Incredible!

Bob with a very nice over slot Tampa Bay redfish

The boys having a great time catching redfish – fun for everyone!

Selena out fished her husband and caught several of these nice redfish. Girls can do it too!

George from Montana with his biggest redfish ever. A 35″ 16 pound brute.

Capt Spencer and another nice Sarasota Bay redfish

Steven had to wade from the kayaks to sight cast this beautiful Tampa Bay redfish on a Slayer Inc swim tail

Beautiful sunset behind him, Mike shows off a sweet redfish he sight casted to while it was tailing as I poled him along the flat in his skiff!

After dark is when the real fun began. Big schools of redfish tearing up the flats! Notice the full moon – the perfect time to fish at night.

A black and white edit of a redfish tailing – the sight fishermen’s dream.

Michael Garvey from Australia with a chunky redfish caught near St. Petersburg.

Andrew and his father posing with a nice Boca Ciega Bay redfish

Capt Spencer and Jordan doubled up on big over slot redfish. Two of over 20 fish caught that day.

Jordan with a nice over slot lower Tampa Bay redfish

Trent Long with a nice slot redfish

Trent Long redfish release

Brad from GAFF magazine with a nice over slot Fort Desoto redfish

Capt Spencer sight casted to this upper Tampa Bay redfish with a Slayer Inc swim tail soft plastic

Father and daughter, Dave and Lexi pose with her first ever redfish! Congrats Lexi!

Jordan with a hefty winter time redfish on a soft plastic jig. Notice the board shorts… winter time in Florida, no big deal!

Deanna with a big over slot redfish caught at night during the full moon out of a huge school of fish.

Derrick with a very nice Fort Desoto redfish that ate a gold spoon.

Father Carlos and Dave pose with a stringer full of trout and redfish! Dinner is served!

John from Iowa with a spoon fed Tampa Bay redfish

Young Andrew with a redfish so big he could barely lift it!

Reggie with a pair of redfish that went home for dinner!

Chris from Arizona with a beautiful redfish on a Slayer Inc swim tail

Chris with another beautiful Boca Ciega Bay redfish

Mike is a park ranger at Yellow Stone National Park. He came down to Florida to spoon feed Tampa Bay redfish like this one.

Tim with a big over slot summer time redfish.

Don with a big over slot redfish caught on topwater near St. Petersburg

A big over slot summer time Tampa Bay redfish

Mike and a nice redfish caught on topwater first thing in the morning.

Don shows off a huge 35″ bull redfish he caught in a foot of water on a top water.

Brigetta came all the way down from North Dakota to catch big over slot redfish like this one!

Capt Spencer with a huge Fort Desoto winter time redfish

Fear the beard! Jason and a big over slot redfish from inside of Tampa Bay

Adam with an over slot Tampa Bay redfish that was missing part of its tail.

A redfish tailing in crystal clear water

A pair of redfish tailing in lower Tampa Bay

More tailing redfish action. Capt Spencer specializes in targeting tailing redfish like this year round!

Capt Spencer’s father with a very nice lower Tampa Bay redfish.

Capt Spencer got in the water to pose with this big 150 pound tarpon.

Mike’s first tarpon! A huge 175 pound fish taken just off the beach from his skiff

When not in his kayak Capt Spencer is a master tarpon angler. Here Jordan poses with his first ever tarpon.

Cameron holds a baby tarpon in tight for its close up!

Sean with a nice tarpon caught in Egmont Pass.

Capt Spencer with a pair of Fort Desoto flounder

Capt Spencer and a big ‘doormat’ flounder

Capt Spencer showing off a kingfish caught off St. Pete Beach

Capt Spencer fighting a kingfish on a glass calm day – perfect conditions to kayak off the beach for kingfish

Cameron shows off a Bonita caught while kingfish. Common by catch and a ton of fun!

Capt Spencer shows off a pair of kingfish back on the beach. Fire up the smoker!

Cameron with a nice kingfish back on the beach

Mike with a HUGE black drum caught in lower Tampa Bay

Capt Spencer with another monster black drum

Kapers got in on the big black drum action!

Kapers releasing one of several big drum caught this day.

Mike isn’t letting this one get away!

A huge school of happy black drum tailing, waiting for you to come catch them!

Capt Spencer and one of many, many big drum on this day.

More tailing drum action!

A beautiful sunrise over Tampa Bay

This sunset over the barrier islands of Fort Desoto are as good as it gets

Another day, another breath taking sunrise over Tampa Bay

Sun rising over Tampa Bay, wading to a school of tailing redfish!

Group of Roseate Spoonbills wading during a morning low tide.

Our local species of pelican, the brown pelican, flying by just above the water

An osprey taking flight with lunch in his talons!

A great shot of a comorant taking flight! These birds can swim under water to chase after their food!