tailing redfish Archives -

Nov 8 Fishing with Dave and company.. Slamming low tide pot hole action

Met Dave, Derrick and Brian on the south shore of Tampa Bay around 730 in […]

Oct 21 Fishing with Carl and Eric

Had Carl and his son Eric out for an early morning charter in Fort Desoto […]

Oct 13 redfish action with Josh

After seeing as many redfish as I had the day before I decided to try […]

Oct 12 Fishing with Tai and Kyle

Had Tai and Kyle out for an early morning charter this past Sunday. We launched our […]

Sept 29 Redfish action in St. Petersburg with Eugene

Got out with Eugene around 1:30 to look for some redfish near St. Petersburg yesterday […]

Sept 24 Fishing with Chrissy

Chrissy met me before dawn to launch the kayaks into lower Tampa Bay to see […]

Sept 20 Tailing redfish on the skiff with Josh

Got out with Josh again in Lower Tampa Bay from his Hewes to look for […]

Sept 15 More insane redfish action and some monsters!

Met Josh again in St. Pete to drop his skiff in around mid day to […]

Sept 12 topwater redfish insanity!

Met my buddy Josh at a boat ramp in St. Pete early in the morning […]

Sept 10 Full moon redfish

Got out in the evening near St. Petersburg around the mouth of Tampa Bay in […]